Crystal Palace Bowmen

252 Achievement Scheme

We are having a trial of the 252 award scheme operated by several other clubs. The idea is to encourage accuracy with a round that can easily be shot on a Tuesday evening, or as the first 3 dozen of a longer round on a Sunday. Every club seems to operate this in a slightly different way, so these are our rules.

Archers shoot 3 dozen arrows on a 122cm face using imperial scoring. If an archer submits 2 qualifying scores they are eligible for an award. If you just shoot the 252 round then mark an Imperial scoresheet with 252 and the distance, and Sharon will collect it. If it's part of a longer round then Terry will collect it, so let Sharon have a copy after Terry has covered it in green marker.

Quiver badges are available, Linda already has the gold one for 60 yards. For juniors the badges are free. For seniors the first badge at 20 yards will be free, the others cost £2.00. Sharon will hold a small stock from Reading Archers to save on postage.

The 252 comes from getting an average of 7 (or 42 for an end of 6 arrows) using a recurve bow, for other bow types the score needed changes but everything else is the same, including the badge with 252 on it. For Compound an average of 7.78 (46.7 an end) is needed. For Bare bow and average of 5.25 (31.5 an end) and longbow 4.56 (27.3 an end) and even less at 80 or 100 yards. Even with these changes, at 100 yards it's still very hard for longbows compared to compounds.

Bow20 to 60 yards80 yards100 yards
Bare bow189164139

Although the scheme is aimed at beginners using a recurve bow, getting the qualifying score at longer distances is not easy. The badge colours follow the target colours. There are also badges for 80 yards and 100 yards.

20 yard badge 30 yard badge 40 yard badge 50 yard badge 60 yard badge
White badge
20 yards.
Black badge
30 yards.
Blue badge
40 yards.
Red badge
50 yards.
Gold badge
60 yards.

Handicaps needed to achieve the score at each distance.

Bare bow
White 20 yards.73668487
Black 30 yards.62547276
Blue 40 yards.54466467
Red 50 yards.47405861
Gold 60 yards.42355356
Green 80 yards.34274853
Purple 100 yards.27204549

It is suggested that you do the 252 badges and AGB classifications in order of decreasing handicap.
e.g. Gents Senior Recurve, 20 yds, 30 yds, 3rd class, 40 yds, 2nd class, 50 yds, 1st class, 60 yds, B (bowman), 80 yds, MB (Master Bowman), 100 yds, GMB (Grand Master Bowman).

Senior Ladies273341505765
Ladies under 18274148576470
Ladies under 16275058667276
Ladies under 14275664738087
Ladies under 12276570788793
Senior Gents222836445058
Gents under 18223139505868
Gents under 16224048566271
Gents under 14225058667179
Gents under 12226169778392

Senior Ladies152129384956
Ladies under 18152938495666
Ladies under 16153849566674
Ladies under 14154655657584
Ladies under 12155463738391
Senior Gents101623323848
Gents under 18102332384856
Gents under 16103238485661
Gents under 14103848566169
Gents under 12104856617179

Bare bowGMBMBB1st2nd3rd
Senior Ladies495157647178
Ladies under 18495459646973
Ladies under 16495965707479
Ladies under 14496772778390
Ladies under 12497378849095
Senior Gents404549566471
Gents under 18405057626873
Gents under 16405360657075
Gents under 14406067727783
Gents under 12406975818895

Senior Ladies596265707382
* Ladies under 18596164687377
Ladies under 16596670747883
Ladies under 14597277828795
Ladies under 12597883889499
Senior Gents525560656974
Gents under 18525662677379
Gents under 16526065707581
Gents under 14526672778287
Gents under 12527581879399

* Clearly no point in being an under 18 lady longbower as its harder than being a senior.