Beginners Course

Unfortunatly, the weather is very unpredictable, very local and can change quickly. So if it's raining heavily when you need to start your journey to the range, then the lesson will be delayed until the following week. The course is for 6 lessons, so if the weather is bad on any day of the course then we will run extra sessions at the end.


From the first Sunday in September to the end of April, we have the field in the afternoons until it starts to get dark. We can start getting ready from about 12:30 while the Munchkins are putting their stuff away and be ready to start at 1pm.

From the first Sunday in May until the last Sunday in August, we should get there at about 9:30 to start at 10am and have the full day. (Except for a short break about 12:45 while the Munchkins put their stuff away.)

For other days you either need a key, or to ask someone with a key if they will be there. Tuesday afternoon / evening is very popular from April to the end of September.


A club shoot

Welcome to the Crystal Palace Bowmen's website. We are a friendly club who are lucky enough to be able to use the grounds of the Old Dunstonian's Club in Beckenham since about 1970.

The club meets every Sunday (weather permitting!!), on most Tuesdays and some Thursday evenings during the summer. We also have use of an indoor range on Tuesday evening during the winter. Club members can also shoot during the week.

We welcome all styles of archer (recurve, long bow, compound etc.) and have four coaches who can work with archers to help them improve.

We are affiliated to ArcheryGB (otherwise known as GNAS the Grand National Archery Society), the Kent Archery Association, the Southern Counties Archery Society.

We now have a facebook page: